PS 73 BWF Rolls with paper backing for Wood, Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Plastic

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Semi-open
Backing B-paper + foam core
Filling compound
Automotive industry
Boat and shipbuilding
Mould engineering
Wood processing industry

PS 73 BWF – the abrasive roll for finish sanding with handy abrasive pads that come in a dispenser box

The abrasive roll PS 73 BWF by Klingspor is an abrasive specially designed for fine sanding work carried out by hand. Its innovative foam backing furnishes this premium abrasive roll with superior flexibility and adaptability. The pre-perforated abrasive pads can be torn off effortlessly and are always within easy reach. This abrasive is equally well suited for use on the go and for applications in workshops and at the construction site.

Includes a foam layer that distributes the pressure perfectly during work on thin coatings

Stored in an easy-to-use dispenser box, the abrasive pads are set apart by their semi-open coating with aluminium oxide grain and an additional stearate coating. The pads are a particularly good choice for the rough and finish sanding of moulded parts as well as flat and curved surfaces. Its foam backing allows this abrasive to contour exactly to the surface on which it is used, producing an extra fine finish. There is no risk of sanding through the material when working on thin coatings. The abrasive pads making up the abrasive roll PS 73 BWF are suitable for use on

  • all common types of wood,
  • surfaces with a layer of paint & varnish,
  • filled surfaces,
  • plastic and plastic coatings.

Its semi-open grain coating and the extra durable synthetic resin bonding allow the abrasive roll PS 73 BWF to deliver constant abrasive performance at minimal clogging, e.g. on furniture. Featuring a size of 115 mm x 140 mm, the handy abrasive pads are exceptionally comfortable to hold thanks to their B-paper backing. These properties provide for finishing with perfect efficiency and uniform results.

Easy-to-hold abrasive pads supplied by a convenient dispenser box – always close at hand

Klingspor offers the abrasive roll PS 73 BWF with a width and length of 115 mm and 25,000 mm, respectively. Equipped with a fill level indicator, the convenient dispenser box makes up to 180 abrasive pads available to the user - depending on the selected grit.