PS 22 N Rolls from 401 mm with paper backing for Wood

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Semi-open
Backing E-paper
Filling compound
Wood processing industry

Klingspor abrasive roll PS 22 N – the universal abrasive paper for many types of material

Suitable for universal use, the abrasive roll PS 22 N by Klingspor delivers superior economy and is used on almost any kind of material. Highly versatile, the paper excels equally when used for the rough and the finish sanding of a workpiece. The red paper and the semi-open coating of the aluminium oxide grain provide for effective and uniform stock removal.

With a synthetic resin bond on E-paper for workshop and construction site materials

The use of synthetic resin for binding the grain to the E-paper allows for exceptional versatility and a wide variety of sanding processes. This abrasive is ideal for use on a multitude of different materials including

  • wood,
  • all common metals,
  • paint, varnish and filler,
  • plastic and
  • steel.

Offering an exceptionally wide range of applications, the abrasive red roll PS 22 N is the perfect complement to hand held machine such as orbital sanders. It always delivers first-rate performance during the processing of workpieces - whether it is used with a sanding block or for hand sanding applications. Its synthetic resin bond on E-paper makes this abrasive robust and durable.

This universal product is used primarily in joinery shops and also recommended for all common sanding tasks required at the construction site. The red paper and semi-open grit coating guarantee effective performance during rough sanding and offer an equally good choice for fine sanding applications including finishing.

For a host of mobile and stationary work environments

The abrasive roll PS 22 N adapts perfectly to the specific requirements of every use scenario. No matter if the work is done by hand or carried out with the help of a sander.