LS 309 X Rolls with cloth backing for Metals, Wood

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
Backing X-cotton
Metal construction
Wood processing industry

LS 309 X – the hard-wearing abrasive roll for wood and metal working

When sanding metal and wood surfaces, you need to rely on an abrasive that is exceedingly robust. Especially when used in combination with an orbital sander, the cloth-reinforced backing delivers impressive longevity. The abrasive roll LS 309 X made by Klingspor is an equally exceptional choice for hand sanding. Depending on the grit you select, you can remove material or refine the surface. Its universal use when working on wood and metal and its availability in various grit sizes have made this abrasive an indispensable staple in any toolbox.

Close coating for hard materials

All abrasives must meet certain basic requirements to ensure that the material rather than the abrasive is stripped. One factor of paramount importance in this regard is that the grit stays sharp over the long term. Equally important is selecting a coating that matches the particular material. A close coating is primarily recommended for hard materials. Consequently this type of coating is used predominantly on abrasive paper used for metals and hardwood. The abrasive roll LS 309 X is also furnished with a durable backing made of X cotton, which offers ample weight and adequate flexibility at the same time. This cloth-backed abrasive with its X cloth is an excellent choice for sanding surfaces and edges as well as turned items by hand.

Pristine grinding results in several steps

The recommended option for creating a perfect surface is to grind the surfaces in several steps. The wide range of different grits that is available for the abrasive roll LS 309 X makes it a cinch to use, for example:

  • remove stock and level the surface with coarse grits, smooth surfaces with medium grits and
  • perform fine grinding and finishing with fine to very fine grits.

Offering a highly beneficial price-performance ratio, the abrasive roll LS 309 X made by Klingspor is cloth backed with a red cloth and suitable for universal use. Do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike will find in this product the perfect tool for a large variety of uses when working on wood and metal. It is equally capable when used for stock removal and finish grinding.

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