CS 395 X Graphite coated canvas

Grain Graphite
Coating Lamellar
Backing X-cloth

Klingspor graphite roll CS 395 X – guarantees clean and uniform grinding and produces less heat

This graphite roll is a match for the toughest requirements. Its replacement strip allows for smooth and clean grinding. Minimising friction between the back of the belt and the contact element, this product serves as a valuable tool in the grinding process.

Precise and efficient grinding across a wide range of materials

The abrasive roll CS 395 X made by Klingspor boasts a lamellar structure that is made up of graphite spread across a cotton cloth, forming a graphite-coated canvas. It is a superb choice for replacement anti friction slides used for sanding flat surfaces. The graphite roll CS 395 X sets itself apart by its smooth operation and efficient way of working.

Smooth friction resisting and reduced heat during the sanding operation

The Klingspor graphite roll CS 395 X is an exceptional choice for use on hand-held sanders as a replacement graphite pad. Chief among the numerous distinguishing features of this graphite roll is its replacement strip , which lowers heat production as a result of reduced friction between the back of the abrasive and the contact element. The extraordinary stability of the material ensures smooth and uniform sanding every time. The roll is available in a variety of dimensions. The graphite comes as a roll, the cloth can be cut and adjusted as needed for a particular application on the sander used.