SV 484 Discs, non-woven web for Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Wood, Plastic, Metals, Stainless steel

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Filling compound
Stainless steel

Refine flat surfaces with the non-woven web disc SV 484 by Klingspor

The non-woven web disc SV 484 allows for sanding with exceptional elasticity thanks to its extensive range of grit sizes. It boasts the following properties:

  • diameter 115 – 125 mm, – 4 grit sizes, – a great option for angle grinders,
  • grit ranges: 80, 100, 180 and 280, – grain material: Aluminium oxide, – grain bond: Synthetic resin.

The SV 484 is an all-purpose non-woven web disc

This non-woven web disc with synthetic resin bond should be an essential in any well-stocked toolbox. It is capable of refining a wide range of materials that possess either a smooth or lightly structured surface. The SV 484 produces finishes of exceptional brilliance as it refines the material with a soft surface treatment. Aside from being outstanding on paint and varnish, the product also shines on filler, making it possible to achieve pristine priming results. Effective priming is of great importance for such applications as bonding anti-collision plates. SV 484 is also an excellent choice for smoothing wood and such plastics as acrylic vinyl, which is a material commonly found in hospitals. The product performs especially well when used for sanding on metals of all kinds as well as on stainless steel. The disc's superior performance is made possible by its 4 grades, i.e. Coarse, Medium, Fine, and Very Fine. Responsible for these different grades are the various grit sizes that are available for this product.

The non-woven web disc SV 484 is also a hit from an economic standpoint

Boasting a truly remarkable price-performance ratio, this non-woven web disc is also easy on the craftsman's wallet. One factor in this regard is the product's suitability for use on all types of materials. Another key aspect it its structure, which is composed of a non-woven web with polyester scrim, synthetic resin and aluminium oxide - a blend that strikes the perfect balance between stock removal and wear. Since the SV 484 is used primarily for sanding jobs designed to refine materials, this non-woven web disc is a good option for a whole line of applications. Once they try it, users who frequently need to perform fine sanding applications will find the SV 484 to be indispensable.