SD 2000 Fixing spindle

Fixing spindle SD 2000 – accessory for abrasive discs

The fixing spindle SD 2000 is an essential accessory for the abrasive tool PW 2000. It provides for the secure mounting of the tool on

  • drilling machines,
  • die grinders,
  • flexible shafts.

The optimal true running of the abrasive discs is a pivotal requirement for ensuring safety as well as producing good work results. This requirement is satisfied by the right choice of fixing spindle.

A perfectly matched tool for optimum grinding results

Rotating tools mandate the use of a fixing spindle to transmit the torque and the rotations to the clamped Power Wheel. The SD 2000 spindle performs this task thanks to its clamping flanges. Safe operation and good work results therefore depend in large part on a spindle that accurately fits the abrasive disc. The SD 2000 fixing spindle that needs to be fitted manually. Designed to match PW 2000 abrasive discs, it is fixed in place with a clamping nut.

SD 2000 for abrasive discs of different sizes

Representing the perfect companion accessory to the Power Wheel PW 2000, the fixing spindle will secure non-woven discs of varying diameters. It works best with tools operating at a maximum rotational speed of 40 m/s. Its maximum permissible speed ranges between 3,800 and 7,600 rpm and varies with the diameter of the abrasive disc used. The bigger the cleaning wheel, the lower the permissible motor speed.

The right fixing spindle for a multitude of material processing tasks

Users select the fixing spindle that is right for them based on the material they need to process. When paired with a PW 2000 abrasive disc, the SD 2000 model excels at work on surfaces made of plastic, metal or stone. In addition to the surface grinding, the power wheel also removes paint and varnish. It is, furthermore, an excellent option for smooth sanding filler compound. The SD 2000 most commonly secures abrasive discs that are used for removing heat tinting, rust, layers of oxide or remnants of paint. The strong connection provided by the spindle also allows the user to clean weld seams with this tool combination.