QRC 800 Quick Change Discs for Metals, Stainless steel

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Stainless steel
Filling compound

QRC 800 – Quick Change Disc with plastic locking for a rapid tool change

Quick Change Discs are abrasive discs that are particularly well suited for reaching the small and hard-to-access places on all types of workpieces. As their name indicates, these abrasive discs can be changed quickly and with perfect ease. The core of these Quick Change Discs quick roll connect is formed by a hard non-woven web material that is bonded to a synthetic fibre backing. This combination allows the material to deliver a long service life. Applied with a synthetic resin bond, the aluminium oxide grain is also guaranteed to last for a very long time. Found on the back is a small plastic locking which provides for secure attachment to a backing pad. The QRC 800 abrasive disc needs to be combined with the matching QRC 555 backing pad. This backing pad offers the matching mounting to accommodate the plastic locking. The applications for the Quick Change Discs quick roll connect range from light deburring to the removal of rust and paint from surfaces made of

  • metal,
  • NF metal,
  • stainless steel,
  • high-alloy steel as well as
  • filler, paint and varnish.

Easy-to-use Quick Change Discs with plastic locking

Using the Quick Change Discs quick roll connect is as easy as can be. Simply place the abrasive disc on the backing pad with the fastener pointing down and lock it into place. To fasten it on the backing pad, turn the disc clockwise 180 degrees. This locking mechanism allows the abrasive disc to operate safely at up to 20,000 or 30,000 revolutions per minute - depending on the size of the backing pad. The larger the backing pad, the lower the permissible speed. The quality of the sanding results also hinges on the backing pad you select for your abrasive disc. A hard backing pad is ideal for high stock removal rates. Conversely, softer backing pads are the better choice for fine sanding and work on profiled surfaces. They shape more closely to the contour of the workpiece thanks to their greater flexibility.

Benefits of the Quick Change system

The key advantage offered by the Quick Change Discs quick roll connect is the ability to change abrasive tools quickly and with perfect ease. Another benefit is that these abrasive discs come in a large selection of sizes, allowing for a wide range of applications. Their exceptionally smooth operation lets you work without tiring and produce uniform finishes at the same time.