FL 76 Wheel flange

For improved lateral stability – the Klingspor wheel flange FL 76

The wheel flange FL 76 made by Klingspor can be used for cutting

  • with thin cutting-off wheels
  • in a flat design
  • for diameters of 180 and 230 mm.

The wheel flange FL 76 increases lateral stability and lets the user guide the tool with perfect precision – resulting in a flawless cut.

Use thin cutting-off wheels successfully – with the wheel flange FL 76

The advantages thin cutting-off wheels hold over conventional cutting-off wheels are immediately apparent: A small cutting thickness translates to a cut that is significantly more narrow. Applying only minimum force, the user can process materials such as stainless steel, metal, stone with improved speed and productivity. Another benefit is the reduced amount of vibrations arising from the material of thin-walled profile. This lets the user control the angle grinder with greater ease. The work process will produce less heat. The cool cut makes it easier to avoid discolouration brought about by heat. The cut edge shows next to no burrs - cutting down the amount of necessary rework substantially. Tapping the potential of thin cutting-off wheels to the full extent, the wheel flange FL 76 allows the user to work with utmost precision. The enlarged clamping surfaces stabilise the cutting-off wheels against lateral forces and vibrations. At the same time, they improve the handling of the machine. This will make work more effortless and safer.

Wheel flange FL 76 – professional quality from Klingspor

The wheel flange FL 76 by Klingspor boasts carefully ground contact surfaces that provide for even pressure distribution along the entire contact surface. The flange secures the flat cutting-off wheel reliably without warping them. Due to the good load-bearing capacity and heat resistance of the material, the clamping flange FL 76 does not show any deformation or damage even after many hours of operation when used correctly. Klingspor’s large selection offers extra thin high-performance cutting-off wheels that are guaranteed to produce outstanding results when paired with the wheel flange FL 76.