RFS 651 Flexible abrasives for Aluminium, Stainless steel, NF metals

Bonding agent Plastic
Grain SiC
Stainless steel
NF metals
Stainless steel processing industry

Highly versatile – Klingspor's R-Flex mounted points RFS 651

Aluminium oxide meets metal: The R-Flex mounted point RFS 651 made by Klingspor creates soft transitions, rounded edges and an attractive finish from matt to glossy. It allows for the processing of

  • stainless steel,
  • NF metal, and
  • metal.

The R-Flex mounted point RFS 651 is an exceptional choice for use with a die grinder, a drilling machine or a flexible shaft machine. It allows for working with greater ease in the stainless steel processing industry.

Wet or dry – this elastic abrasive tool conforms to the contours of the workpiece

The product is made available with different bonding hardnesses to ensure uniform results even on uneven surfaces. The elastic bonding in the soft (T and W), medium (E) and hard (Z) hardnesses adapt to the profile as required to the contours of the workpiece. This flexibility makes the R-Flex mounted points RFS 651 an outstanding option for deburring, cleaning and finishing of stainless steel, NF metals and metal. Better still, the abrasive is also waterproof and resistant to nearly all standard cooling lubricants. Since they can be used for both wet and dry grinding, the points can be integrated into the machining processes wherever they are needed. They deliver a long service thanks to the high and consistent quality of their materials and the careful workmanship with which they are produced. These attributes turn the R-Flex mounted points RFS 651 by Klingspor into indispensable helpers for industrial applications.

For cleaning and finishing without compromise

Sharp edges or rough surfaces are sometimes an unavoidable nuisance during production. Pressed, forged or cast parts must be subsequently deburred, surface refinement and optically improved. Offering flexible use options, the R-Flex mounted points RFS 651 are available in different grit sizes – which lets the user choose from an extensive range of applications. They perform exceptionally well when used for creating a premium finish.