DR 912 B Special R ½“ BSP Male drill bit for Concrete

Suitable for wet use Laser welded
Class Special
Segmentation Standard
Design Laser welded
Service life
Building construction
Floor tilers
Heating, plumbing

Drill bit DR 912 B Special for concrete

The drill bit with R ½“ connection DR 912 B is a diamond tool grouped in the Special performance class and designed for work on reinforced concrete. The benefits of this product include swift work at a high level of aggressiveness. These qualities allow the user to master professional tasks in no time at all. Professional users and skilled do-it-yourselfers alike hold these qualities in the highest regard. Klingspor offers this tool in a large number of versions that match every possible use case. Customers can also choose from drill bits with different diameters. The drill bits are suitable for both drill stands or off-hand use. The strengths of this diamond tool include its expansive range of possible applications. It can be used in

  • building construction,
  • underground construction and
  • road building.

Fast cutting – long service life

Customers opting for the drill bit DR 912 B Special will benefit from a genuine high-performance product that is made for demanding tasks. The Special product line is geared towards users who need to cut extra hard materials and place the highest standards on their tools in terms of performance and dependability. The real-world benefits of this product are fast cutting performance and long service life. These qualities help the user finish even the most challenging jobs.

Product with a high safety standard

Klingspor offers a high degree of safety with their drill bit with R ½“ DR 912 B Special. Regular product inspections, independent product tests and a certified quality management system are all factors that contribute to high safety during use. This applies to all diamond tools that are included in Klingspor's product range. Also guaranteed is compliance with European safety standard EN 13236.