DT 612 AB Supra Large diamond cutting blades for Asphalt, Concrete

Suitable for wet and dry use Wider protective segment, detailed view No undercutting effect Wider protective segment Laser welded
Class Supra
Segmentation Wide gullet
Design Laser welded
Service life
Building yards
Gardening and landscaping
Pipeline construction
Road building
Underground construction

Large diamond cutting blade DT 612 AB Supra

The large diamond cutting blade DT 612 AB Supra slices effortlessly through asphalt, concrete and other hard materials. It has been designed for use with such machinery as a joint cutter and a petrol powered cutter. The most prominent features of this product are its protective segments, which keep the core perfectly protected when subjected to high loads. The cutting blade boasts other important qualities such as

  • high aggressiveness,
  • long service life and
  • fast cutting speed.

When used in professional environments, the large diamond cutting blade DT 612 AB Supra will win over even the most discerning user. Klingspor offers this product in various diameters to ensure compatibility with any type of use case. The product is also available with different hole sizes and segment widths. It is also important to adhere to the maximum permissible speeds. This ensures that the product will deliver the maximum real-life performance at the greatest possible safety.

Product with a high level of safety

The large diamond cutting blade DT 612 AB Supra affords the user a high level of safety. As one of the founding members of the oSa, Klingspor has helped define the guidelines for the safety of abrasives and cutting tools. The large diamond cutting blade DT 612 AB Supra has been tested extensively for its safety compliance in accordance with these guidelines. For the user this translates to improved safety during use. In addition, the diamond cutting tools are manufactured in compliance with the EN 13236, the relevant safety standard in Europe.

Maximum performance during daily use

Made available as a member of Klingspor's Supra performance class, the large diamond cutting blade DT 612 AB is a tool for professionals that offers an excellent price-performance ratio. The product is thus geared towards customers who are looking for a cutting blade that combines rugged dependability with high performance. Klingspor invests heavily in research and development in an effort to achieve continuous improvements in their products that brings the user true value for their everyday work.