DT 600 F Supra Large diamond cutting blades for Stoneware, Stove tiles, Stove tiles, glazed

Suitable for wet and dry use
Class Supra
Segmentation Continuous rim
Design Sintered
Service life
Stove tiles
Stove tiles, glazed
Floor tilers
Gardening and landscaping

Large diamond cutting blade DT 600 F Supra – professional stoneware and stove tiles

The diamond cutting blades included in Klingspor's product line 600 Supra are powerful tools and ideally equipped for day-to-day use. The large diamond cutting blade DT 600 F Supra is the perfect tool for the professional and precise cutting of

  • stoneware,
  • tiles and
  • glazed stove tiles.

A continuous rim provides for smooth and chip-free edges that will enable clean installation. Every cutting blade comes with a reduction ring serving as a 30 to 24 mm adapter for use on different machines (mountings).

Clean cutting of tiles and stove tiles

The cutting of stoneware and glazed stove tiles needs to produce clean cuts as a prerequisite for a flawless tile pattern. The continuous rim of the large diamond cutting blade DT 600 F Supra allows for precise working - it produces clean edges that are cut exactly to measure. The blade can be used for both wet and dry cutting. Manufacturing them in house, Klingspor can guarantee that the rim and core of the diamond cutting blade are perfectly matched to one another. What is more, its high aggressiveness and long service life give it a long life cycle at a convincing price-performance ratio. These qualities make the cutting blade a perfect choice for daily use. Customers can choose from several sizes to find the tool that fits their use case best. Printed on the cutting blade are all essential tool specifications including product line, range of application (Klingspor colour coding system), safety standards, dimensions (in inches and millimetres), maximum permissible rotational speed and rotational direction.

Certified quality by Klingspor

The large diamond cutting blade DT 600 F Supra is certified according to the DIN EN 13236 and the oSa guidelines. This ensures compliance with the strict requirements imposed on user safety. The rigorous test criteria are comprised of a voluntary commitment of the manufacturers, regular inspections, certified quality management and documentation as well as independent product tests, safety audits performed by external auditors, regular production monitoring and control and the traceability of each individual product.