HF 100 Inox Carbide burrs

Klingspor HF 100 INOX – a 5 piece burr set with high performance cut

The burr set HF 100 INOX by Klingspor consists of five carbide burrs that boast the high performance cut INOX (Cut 11). This cut is distinguished by significantly higher cutting performance and has been optimised for work on

  • austenitic,
  • rustproof, and
  • acid-proof

stainless steel. The austenitic stainless steel with a nickel content of more than eight per cent is also known by the name of chromium-nickel steel. The set ships in a handy screw lid box that also offers safe storage for the burrs.

The benefits of the INOX high performance cut

Carbide burrs made by Klingspor – such as the burrs in the 5 piece burr set HF 100 INOX – are preferred tools for work in places that are hard to reach. They are marked by a high stock removal rate and a long service life, which results from their high precision manufacturing and compliance with all quality standards. Compared to the double cut of a standard burr, the high performance cut INOX, the so-called Cut 11, delivers considerably higher stock removal rates, allowing for faster progress during the processing of stainless steel. The other advantages of this cut include higher cutting performance and aggressiveness, improved chip removal, the lower thermal load on the tool and the workpiece, the minimised occurrence of heat tinting and the reduced build-up edge formation. These qualities add up to a significantly longer service life.

Also suited for the construction site – five burrs in a screw lid box

Included in the burr set HF 100 INOX are the five carbide burrs HF 100 A, HF 100 C, HF 100 D, HF 100 F and HF 100 L in various shapes and diameters and equipped with the INOX cut. This 5 piece burr set makes it possible to process stainless steel workpieces that come in a wide variety of shapes. The included screw lid box keeps the burrs perfectly protected against damage, moisture and other harmful influences. Since it has a transparent lid, its contents are visible at all times. The 5 piece burr set HF 100 INOX is ideal for use on the go.