HF 100 E Carbide burrs

Versatile and durable: Klingspor carbide burr HF 100 E

The Klingspor burr HF 100 E possesses a milling head with a oval-shaped design and can be used for the following materials:

  • construction steel,
  • NF metal,
  • cast iron, and
  • highly heat-resistant materials.

Its varied application options turn the burr HF 100 E into the ideal companion for trade and industry. Even keen do-it-yourselfers have come to appreciate the precise results and long life of this carbide burr.

Producing perfect results on moulded parts and weld seams

The oval-shaped end of the burr is particularly well suited for work on moulded parts and for countersinking fillet welds. Its double cut allows the operator to handle the tool with ease and guide it with perfect precision – even in difficult situations. Unlike a model equipped with a universal cut, this burr operates with minimum vibrations and produces small and fine chips. This carbide burr is an excellent choice for applications in plant, tool, and mould engineering, in the aerospace sector, in foundries, and in shipbuilding. Do-it-yourselfers benefit as well from the extensive range of application and exceptionally precise work results of this tool.

Tested quality for a long lifetime

The burr HF 100 E is a product of tested quality that is guaranteed to deliver a long service life and consistently excellent stock removal. Premium raw materials and a cut produced with the help of cutting-edge CNC technology applied to the highest quality standards lay the groundwork for the unparalleled milling properties of this tool. The manufacture of each burr is concluded with a comprehensive final inspection that pays particular attention to the cut and the solder joint between milling head and burr. Crafted as a precision tool conforming to the highest standards, the Klingspor burr HF 100 E has everything the user needs to produce excellent grinding results. The unique shape of its grinding head allows for precision finishing on moulded parts. What is more, this oval -shaped carbide burr also excels at the task of grinding fillet welds seams.