PS 38 G Wide belts with paper backing for Wood based materials, Wood, Composite materials, Mineral-based materials

Bonding agent Resin
Grain SiC
Coating Close
Backing G-paper
Wood based materials
Composite materials
Mineral-based materials
Wood processing industry

PS 38 G ACT wide belts with a paper backing for wood-based materials

The wide belt PS 38 G ACT is an abrasive designed to deliver exceptional resilience. It comes with a silicon carbide grain and an ACT recipe formulated especially for Klingspor. This combination provides for outstanding grit adhesion. The backing is composed of an ultra stable and tear-resistant G-weight paper. The benefits of this combination are:

  • a fine finish,
  • minimal clogging and
  • a high removal rate.

Intended application of the wide belt PS 38 G ACT

The wide belt PS 38 G ACT was developed specifically for finish sanding the surfaces of engineered timber, particle boards and composite fibreboards. The antistatic properties of the abrasive belt PS 38 G ACT prevent the belt from becoming clogged by debris prematurely. These properties make the wide belt PS 38 G ACT ideal for applications that call for high abrasive performance.

The silicon carbide grain

Made synthetically, the silicon carbide grain is guaranteed to deliver consistently high grinding quality. It is a particularly good choice for exceedingly hard materials. Silicon carbide possesses a crystalline structure. When viewed under a microscope, its silicon carbide grains prove to be sharp-edged, brittle and sensitive to breakage, leading to so-called micro-wear. Since not ground down during sanding, the grains retain their abrasive performance thanks to the fact that the sanding process causes portions of the crystalline structure to break out, leaving behind new and sharp edges. The resulting retention of the abrasive performance is referred to as a self-sharpening effect.

Places of use for the abrasive belt PS 38 G ACT

PS 38 G ACT is designed for use in workshops as well as for industrial applications. The abrasive belt is available with grit sizes ranging from coarse to medium coarse. The product is used predominantly for sanding with a high removal rate on engineered timber. It is generally also possible for us to produce and deliver the product with customised dimensions - following a prior consultation.