PS 28 F Wide belts with paper backing for Wood, Leather

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Open
Backing F-paper
Craftsman companies
Furniture industry
Window and door construction
Wood processing industry

PS 28 F wide belts with paper backing for wood and leather

The wide belt PS 28 F is the low-cost model in the selection of abrasive belts that come with an open coating. Designed as a universal product, it was designed specifically for

  • sanding wood
  • processing leather
  • processing plastic

The benefits of the abrasive belt PS 28 F

The open coating of the abrasive belt Klingspor PS 28 F keeps the belt from becoming clogged prematurely by dust and chips. Made of tear-resistant F-weight paper, the backing gives the belt a long service life and allows for safe sanding. The solid synthetic resin keeps the abrasive grains securely in place on the backing. Work on softer materials requires a grain that is, above all, tough. And, this is exactly the property that sets apart the grain aluminium oxide. Made synthetically today rather than being used as a natural product, aluminium oxide possesses enduring qualities that provide for a uniform and consistent scratch pattern.

Places of use for the PS 28 F

Work involving long chipping materials, especially wood, is usually performed with a product that is furnished with an open coating of the abrasive grain. The open coat structure created between the individual grains prevents the abrasive grains from becoming clogged by dust and debris, allowing the chips to be discharged easily. This is why the wide belt PS 28 F is most commonly used in joinery shops and craftsman companies as well as in the woodworking industry. Designed as a universal product, the abrasive belt PS 28 is also favoured by hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers.

Joint options for

The wide belt PS 28 F is offered in four different forms of joint. The selection includes, for instance, a joint with a bevel cut and ends that are joined with an overlap. Customers requiring a belt which provides for smooth and impact-free operation and which is also suitable for slack belt grinding can opt for models with a butt joint that is supported with a fabric-reinforced tape bonded underneath. The belt joints can be supplied either with a straight or a zigzag cut.

PS 28 F - available in various different models

The Klingspor wide belt PS 28 F is available in a host of different grits ranging from coarse to medium coarse. It comes in all widths commonly used in combination with standard machinery. It is also available in all lengths that are standard in the industry. If requested and after consulting with us, we can also manufacture customised dimensions.