PS 20 F Belts with paper backing for Metals, NF metals, Stainless steel

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
Backing F-paper
NF metals
Stainless steel
Stainless steel processing industry
Stainless steel service centre
Steel construction

Abrasive belt PS 20 F – perfect for surface sanding on metal

Furnished with a paper backing, the abrasive belt PS 20 F by Klingspor is suitable for universal use, but performs especially well during surface sanding on sheets and coils made of metal. It can be used on workpieces made of

  • steel,
  • stainless steel and
  • NF metal

and comes in short belt, long belt, wide belt and segmented belt versions. Klingspor manufactures this abrasive belt in a large variety of grit sizes. This extensive selection ensures that users will find the product that is right for them - whether they need to perform rough, intermediate or finish sanding on workpieces made of metal. The abrasive belt PS 20 F by Klingspor is fitted on long and wide belt machines and used primarily in businesses operating in the steel and stainless steel processing industry. It performs equally well in stainless steel service centres.

With closely coated aluminium oxide on a stable paper backing

The backing of the abrasive belt PS 20 F consists of heavy F-weight paper, which offers stability and tear resistance. Klingspor groups all types of paper into classes, which range from A for light paper to G for heavy paper capable of withstanding even the heaviest loads. An outstanding stock removal rate is guaranteed by the synthetic aluminium oxide abrasive grain. Produced with a close coating on this abrasive belt, the aluminium oxide ensures that the applied energy is spread across a large number of grain points. The close coating makes it possible to attain a uniform sanding result.

With a size coat made of hard fully synthetic resin for ultimate adhesive strength

This binding delivers superior adhesive strength, providing the abrasive belt with a service life that is without equal. To ensure uniform thickness, Klingspor utilises laser technology to monitor their abrasives during the production process. Klingspor also continuously takes random samples to verify the proper weight of the products. The abrasive belt PS 20 F makes it possible to achieve perfect results even during surface sanding on larger workpieces made of metal. When used for large production runs, this abrasive belt stands out even further with its exceptional rate of material removal, speeding up the work process and lowering the cost of production.