LS 314 JF Belts with cloth backing for Metals, Plastic, NF metals, Aluminium

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
Backing JF-cotton
NF metals

Klingspor LS 314 JF for NF metal and composite materials

The abrasive belt LS 314 JF by Klingspor makes it possible to grind profiled parts made of NF metals and composite materials with great effectiveness. Its grain made of aluminium oxide (corundum), which is exceptionally hard and heat-resistant, makes this abrasive belt a good choice for intermediate grinding and finishing on

  • aluminium,
  • NF metal,
  • zinc die-cast,
  • plastic, and
  • composite material.

It also works effortlessly on all types of other materials that tend to smear and rapidly clog the abrasive material. Made of JF cotton, the cloth backing is substantially more robust than a paper backing, making the LS 314 JF exceptionally resistant to mechanical loads. At the same time, it offers outstanding flexibility and is able to contour perfectly to shaped parts.

Extended service life thanks to stearate coating

Grinding generates heat, which causes the grinding dust to clump together on soft materials, eventually settling on abrasive grains. This shortens the service life of the abrasive belt dramatically. The functional stearate coating applied to the Klingspor LS 314 JF prevents heat-induced adhesion of the debris, ensuring minimal clogging during grinding on plastic, NF metal and materials with a high tendency to smear. Although wearing down slowly in the course of use, the stearate extends the lifetime of the abrasive substantially.

Versatile abrasive belt with a tried-and-true resin bond

The LS 314 JF can be paired with all standard pedestal or profile grinding machines and is guaranteed to provide the best possible bonding of the abrasive grain thanks to its strong size coat made of synthetic resin. Compared to natural bonding agents, synthetic resin provides an adhesive force that is significantly greater and will reliably keep the aluminium oxide grains in place even during extended use. This quality allows the LS 314 JF to meet even the toughest requirements imposed by professional applications, e.g. the fine grinding of moulded parts in the auto industry. However, it is also an outstanding choice for ambitious do-it-yourself projects involving the processing of profiles and contoured surfaces.