GX 931 JF CEVOLUTION File belts for Stainless steel, Titanium

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Ceramic Al. oxide
Coating Semi-open
Backing JF-blended cloth
Stainless steel
Fittings manufacturers
Medical engineering
Stainless steel processing industry
Advantages: Special product with flexible and tear resistant backing for the processing of stainless steel and high alloy steel - Continuously aggressive grinding properties with high lifetime due to semi-open coated self-sharpening ceramic grain - Good adaptability on radiuses and edges through flexible backing - The additional multibond provides a cool grinding in the processing of stainless steel and avoids tempering colours - The GX 931 JF includes the new CEVOLUTION technology. CEVOLUTION stands for holistically optimized, ceramic abrasives. Klingspor products with CEVOLUTION technology contain, among others, an optimized grit mix, grit sizes and formulation in order to offer the maximum performance in every application.