GK 555 A Rubber drums

Rubber drum GK 555 A – essential for all work with spirabands

Precise sanding applications on inner surfaces and contours call for the use of spirabands in different versions and with various abrasive materials. To use spirabands with optimum efficiency, users will require a matching holder. The high-quality rubber drums GK 555 A by Klingspor are an excellent choice for conical spirabands thanks to their numerous advantages. These include

  • reusability,
  • straightforward fitting and removal and
  • safe use.

Rubber drum GK 555 A – indispensable accessory for conical spirabands

The rubber drums GK 555 A by Klingspor possess a conical shape and are, therefore, a natural choice as a carrier for conical spirabands. They have demonstrated their worth during sanding applications on a variety of materials and are an excellent choice for use on both hand-held and stationary machines. They have proven to be must-have accessory for sanding on inner surfaces. To boost the stability of spirabands even further, the rubber drums are furnished with grooves that run in longitudinal direction. Klingspor has developed the rubber drums GK 555 A specifically to serve as holders for the conically-shaped spirabands CS 310 X. When combined with the spiraband, the rubber drum delivers a high level of aggressiveness as well as efficient abrasive performance.

Rubber drum GK 555 A – for effortless use in combination with spirabands

The rubber drums GK 555 A by Klingspor set themselves apart with their easy handling and make the task of changing the spirabands quick and easy. The spirabands can be fitted and removed with a slight turn of the drum. The rubber drums are reusable and guaranteed to have a long lifespan. Better still, the drums wear off at an impressively slow rate even if subjected to frequent and rigorous use.

Rubber drum GK 555 A – as an accessory for sanding on metal

The rubber drums GK 555 A seamlessly combine with the spirabands CS 310 X to form the perfect abrasive for metalworking applications. When used on stainless steel, steel and other metals, they deliver precise results during inner surface and contour sanding.