CS 912 Y ACT File belts for Stainless steel, Steel

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Ceramic Al. oxide
Coating Close
Backing Y-polyester
Stainless steel

File belt CS 912 Y ACT – the product specialised in aggressive sanding

The file belt CS 912 Y ACT by Klingspor is a special product that delivers a particularly high performance. Its numerous advantages include its

  • resistance to water,
  • its suitability for a wide range of applications,
  • its Advanced Coating Technology for outstanding grain adhesion,
  • its long service life and
  • its superior efficiency.

This file belt has been specifically designed for the heavy loads typically encountered in metalworking.

File belt CS 912 Y ACT – with aggressive abrasive performance for ultimate efficiency

The file belt CS 912 Y ACT is equipped with an exceptionally tear-resistant backing made of Y-polyester. This backing ensures a long service life and impressive durability at a consistently high surface quality. The abrasive material is made of red ceramic, applied with a close coating and bonded with fully synthetic resin. Red ceramic is a microcrystalline and self-sharpening ceramic aluminium oxide that is marked by its exceptional hardness and extraordinary toughness. The acronym ACT stands for Advanced Coating Technology, which combines outstanding grain adhesion with high performance. This premium file belt easily stands up to even the toughest loads and is a perfect fit for a variety of sanding applications such as

  • rough sanding,
  • intermediate,
  • finish sanding,
  • deburring,
  • work on weld seams and edges and
  • surface sanding.

File belt CS 912 Y ACT – offering a wide range of application options

Klingspor has engineered the file belt CS 912 Y ACT for use in turbine manufacturing, aircraft construction, engine construction, container manufacturing, the tool industry and other areas of metalworking. Its resistance to water makes this high-performance abrasive belt ideal of wet grinding applications. It shows the same excellent performance when used with hand tool belt grinders or for machine sanding on pedestal sanders, wide belt sanders and surface grinding machines. What is more, it is also a great choice for surface grinding with hard contact rollers.

File belt CS 912 Y ACT – for maximum efficiency during metalworking applications

The file belt CS 912 Y ACT delivers unparalleled efficiency when used for metalworking thanks to its aggressive abrasive performance. When used for work on stainless steel, steel high-alloy steels, e.g. titanium and turbine steel, as well as cast iron, this product is able to deliver first-rate results.