CS 411 Y Wide belts with cloth backing for Steel, Stainless steel, Metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Zirconia alumina
Coating Close
Backing Y-polyester
Stainless steel
Metal construction
Stainless steel processing industry
Steel construction

Klingspor abrasive belt CS 411 Y – the stable wide belt specially designed for steel and stainless steel

This product is a high-performance abrasive belt specifically engineered by Klingspor to provide high aggressiveness and exceptional abrasive performance. The CS 411 Y is a particularly good option for stainless steel as well as for steel and grey cast iron. The belt owes its outstanding resilience to its tear-resistant polyester backing. The benefits of the wide belt CS 411 Y are:

  • Ultra durable material
  • Perfect for a high removal rate
  • An optimal blend of backing, bonding and grain for unrivalled service life

Structure of the wide belt CS 411 Y

The abrasive belt CS 411 Y is designed to shine under extreme amount of strain. The backing material consists of a cloth made of Y-polyester. It is resistant to moisture and humidity. The bonding agent used is synthetic resin. The special zirconia alumina grain is applied with a close coating. This combination allows for aggressive sanding at high speed while maintaining a long service life.

The special structure of the zirconia alumina abrasive

When viewed under a microscope, zirconia alumina reveals a structure of particularly sharp-edged points. During sanding, these edges will not simply be ground down. Instead, after being worn out, the edges break and re-sharpen. This provides for a self-sharpening effect. This characteristic ensures a uniform scratch pattern even on tough and hard materials. The belt joint form 4 G , i.e. it is cut with a bevel at a defined angle and supported with a piece of fabric tape bonded underneath the butt joint. This design allows for a clean finish, making the CS 411 Y also an excellent choice for slack belt grinding. The wide belt CS 411 Y is available in all standard industrial dimensions - both in terms of length and width. After consulting with us, we can also supply custom dimensions to suite any machine.

Fields of application for the CS 411 Y

CS 411 Y is the tool of choice for rough grinding on hard metal as well as for deburring. The CS 411 Y is an abrasive commonly found in the metalworking industry, especially in aircraft construction as well as in the aerospace and automotive industry, in pipeline and railing construction as well as in apparatus and container manufacturing. The abrasive belt CS 411 Y is available in a variety of grit sizes ranging from medium to extra coarse.