CS 336 Y Wide belts with cloth backing for Wood, Mineral-based materials, Wood based materials

Bonding agent Resin
Grain SiC
Coating Semi-open
Backing Y-polyester
Mineral-based materials
Wood based materials

For calibration and finish sanding of wood – the Klingspor wide belt CS 336 Y

Klingspor developed the wide belt CS 336 Y especially for the calibration and finish sanding of

  • engineered timber,
  • wood
  • and mineral-based materials.

It is available in a variety of dimensions and grit sizes.

The CS 336 Y: tear-resistant polyester with a semi-open grain coating

Klingspor equips the wide belt CS 336 Y with silicon carbide on a tear-resistant polyester backing, which is substantially stronger than a paper backing. Capable of withstanding greater loads, this abrasive belt is also a good choice for such tough jobs as stock removal sanding. The abrasive grain is applied with a semi-open coating, which means that 70 to 80 per cent of the polyester is covered with abrasive grains. A semi-open coating like this is, therefore, ideal for sanding applications involving a high stock removal rate, as the spaces in between allow expelling dust and debris. Ultimately, the spaces keep the abrasive belt from clogging prematurely.

Use the wide belt CS 336 Y to sand wood with next to no dust

The excellent adhesion of the abrasive grain is ensured by the top size coat. It also acts as a support against the lateral forces to which the grain is subjected during the sanding process, thus extending the service life of the abrasive. The top size coat Klingspor applies is made of synthetic resin as it is exceptionally stable and offers a strong adhesive force. The wide belt CS 336 Y is also equipped with an antistatic coating. The antistatic coating is created by adding electrically conducting substances to both the backing and the size coat. These substances prevent excessive amounts of electrically charged dust from sticking to engineered timber, the machine or the abrasive belt because they dissipate the electric charge via the machine. When used in combination with an effective dust extraction system, this wide belt allows for sanding engineered timber with next to no dust.