CS 333 XF Belts with cloth backing for Metals, NF metals, Plastic

Bonding agent Resin
Grain SiC
Coating Close
Backing XF-cotton
NF metals
Medical engineering

Abrasive belt CS 333 XF – the aggressive belt for hard and tough materials

The abrasive belt CS 333 XF by Klingspor proves to be extraordinarily flexible and tear-resistant. Its combination of a flexible cotton backing with hard-wearing silicon carbide make it an exquisite choice for work on

  • metal,
  • NF metal, including brass, titanium and aluminium,
  • plastic,
  • glass,
  • leather,
  • ceramic and other materials.

Klingspor uses fully synthetic resin to establish the bond between the silicon carbide and the XF cotton backing. Robotic applications will benefit from an increase in efficiency and precision when used for machining tough and demanding materials. This premium abrasive proves particularly beneficial when used for applications in the valves and fittings industry, aircraft construction and medical engineering. Do-it-yourselfers value the vast range of possible applications this abrasive belt has to offer as well.

Long-lasting abrasive belt with an aggressive grit

The flexible cotton backing makes the task of sanding profiled workpieces much easier to perform. Meanwhile, its stable structure makes is exceptionally tear-resistant as well. A synthesised silicon carbide provides for impeccable sanding results. Its stability and flexibility turn the abrasive belt CS 333 XF by Klingspor into the ideal solution for use as a small file belt and as a wide belt for large sanding machines. Available in a wide range of grit sizes, this abrasive is an excellent choice for professional applications, especially for robot sanding on brass fittings. The various types of joint available for this belt allow for the reliable processing of demanding and materials prone to fracturing such as glass and ceramic.

Abrasive belt CS 333 XF- with a close coating for a high removal rate

This abrasive belt owes its outstanding removal rate and its flexible and tear-resistant properties to the close coating and the fully synthetic resin bond with which the grit is held on the backing. The grain will dependably adhere to the backing even when subjected to hard and demanding materials. The cloth-backed belt is available as a short belt and a long belt. This versatility lets the abrasive belt CS 333 XF by Klingspor means it is also perfectly applicable for slack of the belt sanding or on a contact roll. Do-it-yourselfers use the product with pedestal sanders or hand-held sanders to perform precision sanding applications on leatherware, stainless steel or plastic.