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Abrasive belts made to order

When it comes to finishing surfaces by grinding, milling, cutting or polishing, there is one name that immediately comes to mind: Klingspor. Operating as one of the oldest abrasives manufacturers in the world, Klingspor has been producing matching abrasive tools for countless applications since 1893. Klingspor's abrasive products are widely used not only at construction sites but also in industry and in the medical and aerospace sector. Klingspor's abrasive belts are even used in a gargantuan potato peeling operation situated in the picturesque Magdeburg Börde region: There, Klingspor’s abrasive belts “polish” roughly 60 tonnes of the field crop - every single day - along lines that are 25 metres long.

Specialised products for a wide range of applications

The selection offered by Klingspor comprises hundreds of abrasive belts for a multitude of applications. Every single abrasive belt - from the smallest file belt for hand-powered machines to the extremely tear-resistant wide belt for industrial use - is subjected to rigorous quality control, which guarantees outstanding service life during wet or dry sanding applications. Manufacturing all of their abrasive belts in house, Klingspor attaches prime importance to quality and to using the raw materials in a way that conserves resources. This is why all of Klingspor’s abrasive belts promise consistent sanding results and lossless force transmission onto the workpiece at hand.

Premium abrasives for work on a large variety of materials

It's all in the mix - that is the motto Klingspor has picked for their range of abrasive belts. Depending on the field of application, the backing of the abrasive belts may be made of paper, polyester, cotton, blended fabric or non-woven material. The backing is coated with a high-quality grit made of such synthetic grains as zirconia alumina, aluminium oxide, silicon carbide or ceramic aluminium oxide. Whether they require coarse stock removal or an ultra-fine finish - users opting for Klingspor’s abrasive belts are guaranteed a perfect result every time. Possible applications for Klingspor's abrasive belts include the processing of

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Wood-based material
  • Plastic
  • Stainless steel
  • Glass
  • Paint / putty / varnish
  • Aluminium
  • Leather
  • Titanium
  • Plastic
  • Mineral-based material

Klingspor’s abrasive belts are always designed for each specific application

For instance, belts equipped with sharp-edged grains such as silicon carbide will deliver exceptional aggressiveness for processing workpieces with particularly hard surfaces. Meanwhile, open coatings are ideally suited for processing wood, as they prevent the belt from clogging up prematurely. Some belts are furnished with a special antistatic active agent coating, which keeps the abrasive belt from becoming charged with friction energy.

Perfect sanding results during wet and dry sanding

Even during dry sanding, users will achieve precise and clean results with the abrasive belts made by Klingspor. Yet, wet sanding offers even more benefits: Adding water, oil or emulsions will cool the materials during sanding, protecting the workpiece against heat-induced discolouration. Wet sanding will also extend service life even further and preserve the abrasive tool. To bring these added benefits to the user’s work projects, Klingspor also offers many of their abrasive belts as a waterproof version. Klingspor’s abrasive belts also provide for cooler sanding during dry sanding applications. Klingspor Belts with multibond generate less friction heat and therefore keep the temperature of the workpiece at a lower level.

Which abrasive belts are included in Klingspor’s product range?

Few manufacturers offer the same extensive product variety as Klingspor. This is evident in the fact that Klingspor's abrasive belts are available in a wide array of different versions – including long belts, short belts, file belts, wide belts or sleeves.

With this product range Klingspor covers all fields of application – from use on industrial grinding machines to operation while mounted on a handheld grinder, belt sander, edge sander or profile sander. The grits available for Klingspor’s abrasive belts range from products designed for calibration sanding to those intended for achieving maximum stock removal rates to grits best suited for the ultra-fine sanding of surfaces suitable for polishing.

Never-ending grinding precision thanks to durable belt joints

Abrasive belts are – in essence – nothing more than rolls of abrasive paper, which are connected at their ends by a special and extra durable joint. To ensure the abrasive belt keeps going “around and around"; Klingspor carries different belt joints in their portfolio. The joints normally run at an angle of 45° - 80° to the running direction of the belt, avoiding an abrupt transition at the junction and therefore ensuring the belt will run in a particularly smooth and steady manner.

Created by arranging the two ends of the belt “edge to edge” with millimetre accuracy, the butt joint is particularly strong as it is underpinned by a reinforcing element on the front or the back side of the belt. This element is composed, at a minimum, of a fabric-reinforced film. Another standard version is an overlap joint that is formed by two ends that are reciprocally bevelled, laid on top of each other and joined by compression. Users will find this type of abrasive belt in Klingspor's product range under the keyword of “joint bonded with an overlap”.

Competent consulting and custom manufacturing

To allow their users to find the abrasive belt that fits the needs of their specific application best, Klingspor offers comprehensive consulting over the phone or by email for their belts and other product groups.

What is more, Klingspor’s sales team is always there to help and answer questions about the custom manufacturing of the abrasive belts sold under the Klingspor brand. Possible options are, for instance, custom-made designs with special belt joints or belt edges. Klingspor will also produce extra special abrasive belts for unusual applications and machines – just like the one that is already being used at the Magdeburg Börde potato peeling plant.

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