Fibre discs

Hole patterns for fibre discs

10 = round hole

30 = star shaped hole

Additional special cutting shapes are available on request. Please ask us!

The right backing pad


ST 358 ST 358 A

Backing pad form

Medium hard, flat

Hard, ribbed


Even grinding finish, good adaptation to the workpiece

High material removal rates, high stability; Additional benefit of our ribbed backing pad:
increased aggression, cool grinding


Finish grinding (grit 50 and finer), edge rounding, contour
grinding, surface grinding

Rough grinding (up to grit 40 and coarser), chamfering,
deburring work, welded seam work

The hard ribbed backing pad ST 358 A supports the selfsharpening
effect on fibre discs with zirconia alumina
(CS 565, CS 570) and ceramic grit (FS 964,
FS 966), yielding a higher stock removal rate and
longer service life.