Elastische Schleifmittel

R-Flex abrasives

... are used for finishing and polishing all kinds of surfaces. Despite their elastic construction, R-Flex Abrasives boast a long service life with high dimensional stability throughout their use.

Mounting Points

... are available in numerous sizes and grains. They are used for apparatus and container construction, in the aviation and automobile industries, as well as in the food and chemical sectors.

Mottling Points

... produce outstanding surface effects with a uniform finish. R-Flex Mottling Points are used successfully for working on stainless steel and aluminium for the construction of containers and large-scale catering equipment.

Types of bonding Maximum operating speed
Z tough, hard ­wearing up to 32 m/s
E non clogging, free cutting (ideal for aluminium) up to 16 m/s
W soft and pliable (ideal for stainless steel) up to 5 m/s