1. Klingspor Cat. No.
  2. Product group / type
    The type designation is composed of information on the product group, the product line and the range of application
  3. Applications
    The colour coding system describes the tool‘s range of application
  4. Safety pictograms
    The pictograms provide important information on how to use the diamond tools safely and should be strictly observed!
  5. Max. operating speed
    This is always included on the coloured bar and given in metres per second
  6. Klingspor logo
  7. Information about the manufacturer
    Provided here is information on the company and the country of origin
  8. Safety standard
    Diamond tools made by Klingspor are subject to the strict safety requirements established by the oSa and the EN 13236
  9. Dimensions in mm and inches
    Every diamond cutting blade contains information on dimensions in both units of measurement
  10. Max. RPM
    This is always included on the coloured bar and given in revolutions per min
  11. Rotational direction
    The rotational direction indicated by the arrow dictates the cutting direction of the diamond blade



Colour-coding system of the Klingspor® diamond tools




The three product lines

The right tool for every application: Klingspor diamond tools are available in three product lines that are colour-coded to provide the user with a quick overview of the most important materials for which the tools are suitable.


Product line 300 – Brand name quality at an affordable price. For users who expect their tools to meet professional standards, but do not need to use them continuously.


Product line 600 – Professional tools with an exceptional price-performance ratio. For users who require diamond tools that deliver reliable and powerful performance every day.


Product line 900 – High performance tools offering outstanding cutting performance and service life. For users who need their tools to perform at peak output and reliability even if subjected to the most punishing applications.


Types of segments

  1. Standard gullet
    • rapid feed rate
    • exceptional cutting properties
  2. Turbo continuous rim
    • exceptionally smooth operation
    • clean cutting edges
  3. Continuous rim
    • clean cutting edges
    • work with superior precision
  4. Turbo segments
    • exceptionally smooth operation
    • clean cutting edges
    • fast cutting speed
    • long service life
  5. Short segments
    • first-rate cutting performance
    • clean cutting edges
  6. Wide gullet
    • high feed rate
  7. Narrow gullet
    • clean cut
    • exceptionally smooth operation thanks to narrow segment spacings
  8. Hammer segments
    • prevent rear grinding


oSa® – the Centre of Excellence for the safety of abrasives

Klingspor is a founding member of the oSa®. The Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives is a voluntary association of abrasive manufacturers. All members commit to adhering to all European safety standards applicable to abrasive tools and to promote and enforce stricter production and testing regulations. As an expression of their voluntary commitment, the oSa® awards a quality seal that is protected worldwide. To the user and the dealer, this translates to increased safety during use and a lower liability risk, respectively.

OSA Pictogramme


The 7 criterias that guarantee oSa® safety

  • Voluntary commitment of the manufacturer
  • Testing facilities and expertise under the manufacturer's roof
  • Certified quality management including documented processes
  • Independent product tests
  • Independent safety audits performed by external auditors
  • Regular production monitoring and control
  • Safety as products can be traced back all the way to the manufacturer