SW 512 Abrasive block, abrasive sponge for Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Plastic

Grain SiC
Coating Close
Filling compound

Even surfaces - the highly flexible abrasive sponge SW 512

The abrasive sponge SW 512 is an excellent choice for applications that call for a fine and even surface finish on:

  • paint,
  • varnish,
  • filler,
  • plastic,
  • wood, and
  • metal.

The abrasive sponge SW 512 offers the versatility necessary for processing a large number of different materials. There is no need to buy a new abrasive that is designed for one specific material. The SW 512 is a useful tool for industrial professionals and private users alike.

Sanding the paint and plastic evenly

The sanding sponge SW 512 is equipped with a very dense foam structure for a smooth sanding pattern. This structure distributes the force exerted during hand sanding evenly across the surface. due to its 5 mm thickness, the abrasive sponge can be easily conform around edges and profiles. The abrasive sponge SW 512 will also reach hard-to-access places and indentations with perfect ease. Best of all, it will preserve the intricate structures of any surface. Since it will neither bend nor crease, the SW 512 sponge is guaranteed to last for a very long time. Their flexible bonding ensures that the abrasive grains will wear down evenly. They will remain sharp-edged until the abrasive sponge is worn out completely.

Coated on 1 side with sharp-edged silicon carbide

The robust abrasive grain provides for excellent stock removal thanks to its close coating. Hard, yet brittle, silicon carbide possesses the aggressiveness that is ideal for processing such hard-to-sand materials as filler or varnish. Depending on the grain size, it creates an excellent key for additional coats or a wonderfully even finish. There is good reason why the abrasive sponge SW 512 is only coated on 1 side: Offering a comfortable feel in the hand, one side can be guided with perfect precision, while the silicon carbide on the other side delivers flawless abrasive performance.