PS 22 K Retail packs Abrasive paper, self-fastening for Wood, Metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Semi-open
Backing E-paper
Stainless steel
Filling compound

PS 22 K – abrasive strip for wood and metal

Customers purchasing the PS 22 K acquire an abrasive strip that is ideal for work on

  • wood,
  • stainless steel,
  • metal,
  • paint,
  • plastic,
  • filler, and
  • varnish.

This product is an abrasive strip for universal use that can handle demanding tasks both in professional environments and during use by do-it-yourselfers. Its attributes include a uniform scratch pattern, allowing its professional performance to shine through in every detail. To make the abrasive strip compatible with the widest possible range of practical applications, Klingspor offers this product in a large number of grit sizes. The available grit sizes allow for surface treatments from fine to coarse. The product is sold in Retail packs.

Supreme quality for challenging jobs

The abrasive strip has an optimal combination of grain and bond. The grain Klingspor has selected is the well-proven corundum, a material that manages to impress with its outstanding stock removal rate. The bonding agent used is a synthetic resin of high quality. The backing made of E-paper stands out with its excellent tear-resistant properties. These features combined with the semi-open coating add up to a powerful abrasive that can withstand the highest loads and offers a long service life even under strenuous use.

PS 22 K – abrasive strip for a multitude of uses

The benefits of the abrasives sold by Klingspor include their suitability for a wide range of applications. And, the abrasive strip presented here is no exception. PS 22 K can be paired with a large number of different orbital sanders. Attaching the product to the tool is easy as the abrasive strip is self-fastening. It processes surfaces with great effectiveness. Additional hole patterns in addition to the one included in the Retail packs are available. This expansive selection lets the user adapt the product to the specific requirements of their particular application. Other benefits that come with every Klingspor product include large stocks of inventory, professional consulting and short delivery periods.