KL 385 JF Sheets with cloth backing for Wood, Metals, NF metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
Backing JF-cotton
NF metals
Stainless steel
Metal construction
Wood processing industry

Klingspor abrasive sheets KL 385 JF – flexible and adaptable

The abrasive sheets KL 385 JF are ideal for sanding by hand on metal and wooden surfaces. A distinct advantage of these abrasive sheets is the ability to fold or cut them to the desired size. This flexibility makes it possible to fit them on an hand block. Remarkably flexible, these abrasive materials with different grits are especially ideal for profile sanding on

  • wood,
  • metal, and
  • NF metal surfaces.

Cotton as a robust backing for the abrasive sheets KL 385 JF

Klingspor has given their abrasive sheets KL 385 JF a cloth backing made of JF cotton. This is characterized by its high flexibility and adaptability. These attributes make this abrasive material ideally suited for work on edges and profiles. Even though furnished with a robust backing, the abrasive sheets KL 385 JF can be torn off by hand easily and cleanly without the help of scissors.

Abrasive sheets with a hard grain and a close coating

Klingspor uses aluminium oxide as the abrasive grain for the abrasive sheets KL 385 JF. The stand-out features of this synthetic material are its block shape and exceptional hardness. Since aluminium oxide is also very temperature resistant, the grain does not suffer from prolonged and intensive grinding. When used for hand sanding, the hard material does not require a high contact pressure to deliver excellent results, allowing for more effortless sanding. The grain is applied to the abrasive sheets KL 385 JF with a close coating, resulting in a surface that is covered almost completely. This type of coating is beneficial work on surfaces made of metal, as it provides for a high stock removal rate while delivering impressive service life at the same time.

Dependable synthetic resin bonding for a long service life

The grain applied to the Klingspor abrasive sheets is bonded in place with synthetic resin, which provides for an extra strong hold. The great strength of the bond plays a key role in achieving good work results. The synthetic resin applied as a top size coat over top of the grain provides longevity because it bonds the grain completely to the backing. During sanding, this top size coat wears off from the surfaces of the abrasive grains, allowing them to take full effect.