MM 630 Abrasive mop for Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Wood, Metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Filling compound

Abrasive mop wheels for paint, varnish, filler, wood, and metal

There is almost no material that Klingspor's abrasive mop wheel MM 630 cannot handle. Its special design makes this tool particularly well suited for work on workpieces with high profiles. This abrasive wheel is used on

  • paint,
  • varnish,
  • filler,
  • wood,
  • metal, and
  • plastic.

thanks to its superior workmanship the abrasive mop wheel MM 630 offer a long service life and high removal rate. This product offers the same dependability to professional users in trade and industry and to the keen do-it-yourselfer working at home. The Klingspor name guarantees the safety and performance of this high-end product.

Brings out the best finish in every workpiece

The foundation of the abrasive mop wheel MM 630 is formed by a solid core made of synthetic resin. Bonded to this core are long abrasive flaps in a loose radial arrangement. These flaps are also slashed multiple times along their length. The tool has been designed for extreme flexibility delivering gentle, yet powerful performance on complex profiles made of varnish, wood, and even metal as well as other materials. This abrasive mop wheel is capable of contouring perfectly to the surface of any workpiece. The user can vary the contact pressure. The ideal combination of tear resistance and flexibility enables efficient and comfortable processing. Aluminium oxide – a synthetically made grit – is the abrasive grain that has been selected for this product. It is exceedingly tough and durable. The MM 630 is available in different widths and grit sizes. Users who need a higher removal rate will opt for a coarser grit. Conversely, jobs that call for an exceptionally smooth finish are best performed with a finer grit. Overall, this tool creates an extra fine surface finish.

Ideal for handheld machines

The abrasive mop wheel MM 630 comes with a spindle that makes it a easy to mount this tool in to drilling machines and all other types of handheld tools. The tool can also be easily paired with flexible shafts.

Crafted for heavy-duty continuous use

Every Klingspor product needs to satisfy the most stringent safety and quality standards. The MM630 is no exception and complies with European standard EN 13743. What is more, it also meets the strict requirements laid out in the guidelines of the oSa (“Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives”), an organisation of which Klingspor is a founding member. When using this abrasive mop wheel, users must observe the maximum operating speed.

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