Old address. New design. More content.

Sep 09, 2014

Klingspor relaunches their corporate website www.klingspor.de and introduces a host of new features

Klingspor relaunches their corporate website www.klingspor.de and introduces a host of new features

Klingspor, the abrasives manufacturer from Haiger, gave their online presence a complete overhaul. Still available at the familiar URL www.klingspor.de, the new website has been live since the middle of December 2015 and boasts not only a revamped design but also a slew of new features. At the core of the new site is an interactive product search feature that uses a step-by-step approach to find the solution that is perfectly tailored to the grinding or cutting task the user needs to complete. An intuitive user interface combined with a responsive design that has been optimised for use on the go provides for superior usability on all devices - from PCs to smartphones.

Paramount to the relaunch of the website were the requirements of the user in the real world. We applied the same maxim to the selection and presentation of the contents and their accessibility, which we improved with an easy-to-ease navigation solution that requires only a few clicks. Frequently used features, such as the product finder, the option to contact our sales department and the keyword search that is available on all pages can be accessed directly from anywhere on the site.


Expert knowledge in an easy-to-grasp package: our abrasives encyclopaedia

Aside from information on specific products, our new website also features a comprehensive encyclopaedia that explains the nuts and bolts of cutting, grinding and finishing and of the tools used for these tasks. Detailed, exhaustive and easy to understand, this encyclopaedia explains to laymen and experts alike everything they need to know to achieve the best possible work results. The keywords and topics listed range from the proper storage of abrasives to the pros and cons of different grain types to aspects relevant to safety including maximum operating speed and minimum bursting speed.


Combined with the new Klingspor website, the intuitive user interface and the responsive design that has been optimised mobile use provide for exceptional usability on all devices - from PCs to smartphones.


The company

Klingspor has been setting global standards in abrasive technology for more than 100 years. Our production facilities manufacture more than 50,000 items that fall, among others, into the product categories of coated abrasives, cutting-off wheels, grinding discs, abrasive mop discs and abrasive mop wheels and that are designed for a wide range of different applications. Spread across the globe, our 36 production and distribution locations employ a total staff of 2,700 and afford us the flexibility we need to satisfy the requirements of each regional market. Our global consulting team is composed of more than 300 field representatives, highly trained technicians and engineers.