Storage of abrasives

The term "Storage of abrasives" describes the correct storage of coated abrasives in terms of the appropriate temperature and humidity conditions.  An ideal "storage climate" ensures that the coated abrasives will not suffer any damage or loss in performance beyond their minimum expiration date.

The responsibility to ensure proper storage conditions lies with the user and the dealer!

In general:

The ideal storage temperature and the ideal relative humidity range between approx. 18 and 22° Celsius and 45 – 65 %, respectively. The impact of heat and direct exposure to moisture and/or sunlight must be strictly avoided. Sanding materials should be stored in their original packaging until they are used. Belts must be hung up before use.

If humidity levels are too high, the backing will absorb moisture, causing it to expand.
Consequence: the fibre disc buckles towards the grain side. This will lead to grinding blemishes as only the edges of the fibre discs will come into contact with the surface of the work piece during grinding.

If, on the other hand, humidity levels are too low, the backing will release moisture. This will cause the grinding disc to shrink and buckle towards the backing side. The consequence: The abrasive dries out and becomes brittle.

Wide belts:

a) Store in original packaging
b) Unhook 2 days prior to use on sleeves or boom and weigh down the lower belt loop
c) If machine remains shut down down for extended periods, switch off belt tensioner and store belts on the boom until used again

Cutting-off wheels and grinding discs:

The durability of cutting-off wheels and grinding discs is primarily determined by their moisture content. Discs that are exposed to high levels moisture after production will no longer have their original service life. If stored appropriately, the discs will have a service life that remains nearly constant for years. Discs become a safety risks when directly exposed to water or water vapour. The age of the products plays only a minor role.
Proper storage is paramount to the preservation, warranty and performance of our abrasives.

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